In With Old, Out with New

You join college with naivety, fear of everything and sometimes the homesick kills you. Once you get, though it takes some time, you learn new things; new responsibilities, skills, new tricks and develop some aspect of self reliance. For some of us we start doing our own laundry, deciding on what to eat, when to study. We generally become our own managers and the output, in terms of academic results, shows how good of managers we can make.
I don’t know abut you but, by default, I lost the constant contact with my parents as time elapsed into the college course time. I realized that thinking through some things without any parental indulgence makes one a man. You do not expect any parent in their right minds to encourage you to buy term papers while you are supposed to be researching for them. Such things you do when you weigh how it benefits you. By the time you are through with college, you are a complete new being.