Acer Iconia A110 is really a $200 quad-core ICS tablet �C New Tech Gadgets & Electronic Devices |

Acer Iconia A110 is really a $200 quad-core ICS tablet �C New Tech Gadgets & Electronic Devices |

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Nvidia mused about sub-$200 quad-core tablets a few months ago, and more recently said that these Kai tablets were very much real. While the as-yet-unconfirmed Nexus Tablet has been mentioned as sporting four cores at such a price point, Acer has beaten Google and Asus to the punch with the Iconia A110.

The 7-inch tablet features an Nvidia Tegra 3 SoC and it;s set to go on sale some time in the next couple of months. Acer hasn;t set a price in stone yet, but they are saying that it will definitely be less than $200.

Acer hasn;t offered up much in the way of specs for the Iconia A110 yet, but it;s possible that the hardware will still be tweaked slightly before launch day anyway. The device on display at Computex features 1GB of RAM, 1024 x 600 resolution, 8GB of internal storage, a front-facing camera only, HDMI output and dual-display support, and microSD expansion.

The tablet is also shipping with a nearly plain-vanilla version of Android 4.0 ; no TouchWiz or Sense-style UI overlays here. The Iconia A110 is also said to benchmark fairly well, and it certainly seems like a good buy. You;re getting two more cores than you would if you picked up a Kindle Fire, after all.

All in all, the A110 looks like a modest but welcome update for Acer;s previous 7-incher, the Iconia Tab A100. While the A100 did offer a rear-facing camera, its disappearance isn;t a huge loss. Using a half-kilogram, 8-inch-wide device isn;t a great way to take snapshots anyway, and it;s an excellent trade for double the processing capacity.

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