Asus Transformer AiO dual boots Windows eight and Android �C Computer Chips & Hardware Technology |

Asus Transformer AiO dual boots Windows eight and Android �C Computer Chips & Hardware Technology |

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Viewsonic isn;t the only company working on a crazy, desktop-sized tablet. Asus has taken the wraps off the Transformer AiO, an 18.4-inch touchscreen affair that not only boots Android like Viewsonic;s device ; but Windows eight, too.

By most accounts, 18.4 inches is somewhat small for an all-in-one nowadays, but the Transformer AiO will be a nice fit for locations where space is at a premium. At home, it;s a good size for a kitchen personal computer and it;s also a solid option for a secondary home PC (say, for the kids).

But the Transformer AiO wouldn;t be a Transformer if it didn;t have another trick up its sleeves besides dual-booting. The kicker: you can de-dock the display and use it as a tablet. Sure, it;s about twice the size of an iPad and likely more than double the weight, but that just means playing games like Angry Birds Space, Cut the Rope, or Shadowgun will be twice as much fun, right?

The tablet logic isn;t built in to the display, however. It;s part of the Transformer AiO;s base and display data is pumped to the touchscreen wirelessly. That means you;ll need to stay within transmission range, but chances are good you hadn;t planned on taking this along for your morning commute to work anyway.

Official specs haven;t been revealed yet, so all that;s known about the Transformer AiO is its dual-OS and dual-mode abilities ; and that it packs a trio of USB 3.0 ports and Ethernet connectivity. Other details may trickle out as Computex progresses, so check back for updates if this multi-talented PC has piqued your interest.

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